This multidisciplinary and comparative Joint Exchange programme will identify and examine how nutritional labeling in European countries and out of Europe can influence on health and welfare of population. Health professionals agree that the relationship between diet and health is important. Our eating habits can help or hurt our overall health and well-being. Good eating habits include being a smart shopper and selecting foods that reflect the Dietary Guidelines. The food label was designed to help people choose foods for a healthful diet. By using the food label, we can compare the nutrient content of similar foods, see how foods fit into our overall diets, and understand the relationship between certain nutrients and diseases.

The overall aims of NUTRILAB are:
– Bring together, review and analyze current research on consumer understanding of claims, and also labeling where this would inform our knowledge of consumer understanding of claims.

– Gather information on how consumer understanding of claims varies across different population groups, to gain insight into the understanding of the ‘average consumer’.

– Draw conclusions from existing research to see whether there are areas where further information would be useful, and to inform the direction that any additional research conducted in future could take. We will reach these targets as a multidisciplinary team across Europe, sharing knowledge, developing new approaches. A strong component in this framework will be the capacity building. We will explicitly aim to identify and integrate the different and overlapping conceptual understandings of scientists from the different disciplines carrying out joined research in this project.

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