Team In-Team Project

The objective of the mobility-based project under the Grundtvig – Learning partnership programme includes creating a partnership where 9 involved educational and training organisations from 9 European countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and Turkey) share best practices and know-how in the area of innovative teaching methods utilisable in adult education. The purpose of this exchange implies practising and mastering non-traditional and innovative teaching methods and their further exploitation in practice of each organisation.

 The 2-year project is divided into six meetings; the introductory and final ones are focused on organisational and administrative work and four workshops are dedicated to explaining, performing, practising and evaluating the selected 11 teaching methods. The workshops took place in Spain (February 2012), Bulgaria (June 2012), Italy (September 2012) and Greece (February 2013).

 The selection of teaching methods was done upon the common agreement of the involved institutions at the Kick off meeting held in Slovakia in November 2011.

 The final products of the partnership include a DVD with the materials produced during the project and a project web site in English, available for any interested parties.

 In addition to the dissemination of the project results on the project´s web site as well as partners´ own web sources, the idea of this project, experience and final product will be introduced in the media, internet web sites and periodicals related to adult education and at various events and meetings organised in the framework of other parallel partners´ projects.

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